Driving Lessons In Bedworth

Bedworth is a small town in the county of Warwickshire, roughly halfway between Nuneaton and Coventry. Because of it’s location, there are plenty of roads to test drivers of all abilities. There are the small residential roads near Marston Lane to start the novice driver off. After that, you’ll find yourself moving onto the busy town centre ring road of the A444 and the main A5 trunk road (Watling Street) and some of the twisty country roads leading out to the smaller villages. If you’ve already got your full licence, then you can go slightly further afield to drive on the motorways on the M69 and M6.

Once your provisional driving licence has arrived in the post, you’ll need to think about taking your theory test. You can take the theory test before you take lessons, but most people prefer to start with the lessons. This means you can learn the theory side of things as you learn how to drive. This is a great way, as you can really put the theory into practice. Looking at the test centres, you’ve really only got the choice of the one in Coventry. It can be found at 21-22 Warwick Row, CV1 1ET. If you were thinking about taking your theory test somewhere else, the next nearest centre would be in Sutton Coldfield which is over 25 miles from Bedworth. Luckily, there’s a bit more to choose from when it comes to taking the driving test. You’ve got the driving test centre just outside Nuneaton in Stockingford on Vernons Lane. Alternatively, if you head back to Coventry only a mile or so, there is the Bayton Road Industrial Estate. Finally you’ve got another test centre in Hinckley at 33 Brookside. So that’s 3 test centres within 5 miles.

For more information on these test centres, take a look at the DSA’s ‘Find Your Nearest‘ service or contact me.